Feels like home

Querencia is a Spanish word that means a place that feels like home. It’s the spot you return to time and again to relax, quiet the soul, replenish, and feel a sense of well-being. Welcome.

Once you’ve been to Casa Querencia, it’s hard to vacation anywhere else!

Candra Canning

This is not just “a house” but an incredible vacation destination in its own right.

The Sperry's

It’s truly like staying at your own personal boutique resort.

Thomas Van Alsberg

We loved that the house feels secluded and private and yet is wide open and looking out to the sea.

The Husted's

We were pampered, well fed, entertained and felt completely refreshed within a few days.

The McWeeny Family

We just returned from six weeks in the South Pacific, and this beat the whole trip!

Marilyn and Mike

Your home was designed with great thought to comfort and the staff made us feel right at home.

The Robinson's

Days of Sunshine:

322 Annually

Water Temperature:

75 to 86 Degrees

Smiles per Day: